October 12, 2017

iOS Update

We have identified, after a dialogue with Apple, what changes needs to be made to follow Apple’s new guidelines for publishing to the App Store. After these changes have been implemented we will open the possibility of publishing and updating iOS apps for everyone in the AppSpotr’s platform again.

As we announced in a press release on August 18, Apple sharpened its guidelines for publishing to the App Store. This affected companies, such as AppSpotr, who provide app tools that apps built in such services will not be approved in the future. We then chose to pause the publishing of iOS apps.

We has since had a dialogue with Apple and evaluated which solutions should be chosen. This evaluation is now ready and the changes that needs to be made are identified.

Apple’s guidelines mean increasing user demands. And that means that some customization need to be implemented in the interface when building iOS apps to support Apple’s guidelines. We will start publishing some apps shortly, but it will take a while before we open up the opportunity to everyone in the platform.

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