February 12, 2018

Appspotr Goes E Gaming

Life is a challenge and Appspotr does now let you challenge your end users with a game module. We call it the ”hamburger game” and it’s developed together with a restaurant who indulge burgers, and who doesn’t?

Appspotrs game module will be able to tailor-made to suit your business and brand identity. Gamification increases usage of your app and will be a topic for your users. And to know that people spend about 43% of their time on games while on their phones it’s pretty amazing!

Add the Egame-module to your Appspotr-app and let us rebrand it to fit your profile. Now let your end users start play, get high score meanwhile they enjoy a beer or two.

Our device for games is keep it simple, keep it fun and keep laughing!

Curious? Please contact Marcus Rosell, marcus@appspotr.com

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