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Dead By April's app is built using AppSpotr

Dead By April

AppSpotr is built to give you full control of everything in your app. You can change colors, fonts, pages, texts, video … yes, you can actually change everything inside your app in real time. Even after your app is published to the different stores.

That’s why Dead by April has chosen AppSpotr for their app. To give them full control.

Read more about Dead by Aprils app in our blog. Download Dead by April’s app and gain access to exclusives,
contests, original lyrics, tabs and much more! Download it from App Store or Google Play.

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An event app for jDays 2016 built with AppSpotr


jDays needed an app for their conference event in Gothenburg this year. The app is built with AppSpotr and is available on iOS & Android.

Download jDays 2016 from App Store or Google Play.