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Shopkeepers of the world digitalize and take over

With AppSpotr E-commerce module you can set up your own native store app in practically no time. E-Commerce can be activated through the main menu or from the Marketplace.

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E-commerce features

  • Add an unlimited number of products
  • Add product categories for filtering
  • Choose between list, grid and feed layout
  • Customize VAT rate, and shipping costs etc.
  • Receive payments straight through the app
  • Set up automated emails for your buyers


Let’s get social

The brand new Social Feed module is our first steady step into social functionality for your app. Boasting a login function and a feed where users can interact with your posts through likes and comments, this addition will take user engagement in your app to a whole new level.

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AppSpotr Marketplace offers an ever-growing variety of useful, fun and stylish functions for your app. Build something appic!

AppSpotr MarketPlace


Display products to sell in your app. Filter out what you want to display or show all products in your E-commerce product list at once. Note that you will have to activate the E-commerce service. Available in the Advanced plan.

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Social FeedBasic

A social news feed with likes & comments. Interact with your users by creating posts with text or images.

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Upload your images to the mediaexplorer and then add them to the Gallery Page with a title & description. Images is displayed in a grid layout with the possibility to click, swipe & zoom in both portrait & landscape mode.

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Use the locations module to build native maps with unlimited amounts of markers. A marker can be linked to any other page you have in your app.

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    Publish news, add a map, sell your products… in the AppSpotr marketplace there are modules for every purpose.

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