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During our first year in the game, AppSpotr has attracted 130,000 unique users from all around the globe. Pretty damn awesome if you ask us. And, again, assuming we’re asked (after all, this is our blog), it’s only the beginning. With fresh $$$ in the bank and a stronger-than-ever belief in our service, here are a couple of appic things to expect from us in the future.



As many of you have requested, it’s now possible to publish apps to your own Google Play account. Soon the same will happen for App Store. What this means? Total control of your app, including the option of putting a price tag on it. Keep your eyes open for this change in the upcoming weeks.



Another widely requested feature, soon brought to you by your favorite app builder, is the possibility of allowing ads in your app for some extra dough. First out is Google AdMob for Android, ready for launch like about right now, with iOS functionality following shortly after.



Our first step towards opening up the AppSpotr Marketplace for all you creatives out there will be user-built templates. You know how it works. Come up with a concept, pick your modules, work some design magic and put a price tag on your fab creation. Then lean back and watch both your bank account and your karma meter go Jack and the Beanstalk. Yes, this is really happening! Soon.



Making AppSpotr a place where coders and non-coders coexist in perfect harmony. That has been our vision all along. Because let’s face it, even if we spent every waking minute inventing and building new modules, there are limits to what our time and creativity could achieve. And you know what we say to limits, right? Screw them. We don’t want to put coders out of business. We want to make them more business. That’s why, in six months or so, we’re opening up our platform for everyone to build and sell their own modules through our Marketplace. We can’t wait to be hit by the hailstorm of creativity this will unleash. Like a big-ass all-you-can-eat buffet with a thousand chefs lining up just waiting to serve you. Or, if you will, like a WordPress for apps. That’s where we’re going.


Level up your app with Content+! Equipped with a bunch of exclusive features and our first-ever web-shop function, this module unlocks entirely new possibilities on the AppSpotr platform.

The latest addition on our Marketplace is the roided twin of trusty ol’ Content. Content+ builds on the concept of its lighter sibling and boosts your app with embedded sound and video, maps, tables and galleries. Supporting purchases through PayPal, this module is our first step towards integrated web-shop functionality.

Content+ is available for $1 a month on AppSpotr Marketplace.

Appy building!



  • PayPal button for web-shop purchases
  • Embedded sound from SoundCloud
  • Embedded videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vine and Bambuser
  • Swipeable image gallery
  • Tables
  • Maps




July’s App of the Month takes a step into the realm of music. Dead By April lets us indulge in all kind of stuff relating to the Swedish pop-metal band with the same name. If you want to get to know the band and their music a little better, check up on their tours, buy merchandise and so on, this is the place!

Dead by April is a pop-metal band from the mythical land of long-legged blondes, supposed polar bears and the best app builder in the galaxy. Yeah, you heard us! The band was formed in 2007 and debuted with their self-titled album in May 2009. Dead by April consists of four members out of which two have been consistent since the debut album. So far the band has managed to produce three albums, with a fourth one scheduled for release in 2016. Combining silk-smooth vocals and brooding lyrics with heavy guitar riffs and incoherent growling, the band’s success stretches far and wide, from Europe to North America to Japan.



A prime example of what a band app should look like. Lots of stuff for fans to play around with and a nice visual theme to boot.


The Dead by April app turns your phone into a portable little shrine of worship where you can read personal stuff about the band members, get info on their upcoming tours, check out lyrics and tabs, buy merchandise, follow their blog, access contests, watch music videos, make blood offerings and so on. Well, okay, maybe not that last part. Yet! But it’s most likely a highly requested feature and as such only an update away. Yeah, basically Dead by April gives you everything you could wish for in an app like this.


Listen to music on the less explicit side of the wide spectrum called metal. Lyrics involving lube, a fist and Jesus Christ not included.


We’re excited to see a band using the biggest platform for communication to promote themselves while pampering their fans. The app helps Dead by April reach out to a wider audience and establish a more intimate connection with their current fans at the same time, so it’s a powerful hand to play. And they’re playing it well.

Other artists out there should take note and make the best out of this opportunity – especially now, with app building becoming so accessible.



Merch bonanza. Buy everything from T-shirts and hats to special edition CDs and even meet-and-greets with the band.


Tag along on their tours digitally and keep yourself updated on concerts in your proximity.


Dead by April uses Web Pages, Content, List and Locations among other modules to provide their fans with one-touch access to just about everything everything they’d ask for. In an increasingly tough business where no combination of solid music, edgy hairdos and rock-star attitude is a safe ticket to fame anymore, Dead by April has taken to innovation to stand out in the competition. We’re excited to see where this leads the band, and as other artists realise the power in the platform, the music industry as a whole.


With the recent changes to Google Play publishing, users can finally publish AppSpotr apps to their own account. This is obviously awesome news, but on the flipside you now have to deal with all of the tedious and time consuming stuff surrounding publishing yourself. Right? Wrong – thanks to a little something called Android Automatic!

As you probably know, AppSpotr has been going through some big changes for the Android platform lately. These changes open up for paid apps and ads, but they also mean that you as a user will be taking care of all the tasks involved when publishing on your own, from providing screenshots and filling out forms to downloading, uploading and updating the app. Unless – and this is a big unless – you use our service Android Automatic.

For the monthly price of a shitty pizza slice and a soda, you can leave the entire process in our hands. Just register a Google Play Developer account and invite us to manage it. Once we’ve verified your invitation, you’ll be able to activate Android Automatic by choosing our account when publishing an app for the first time.

Read more about all of this in our extensive guide.



Calling Pokémon Go a worldwide success would be the understatement of the year. The app managed to claim the title of most downloaded ever in a single day, and no matter where you turn outside you’ll find people of all ages immersed in its gamified reality. It’s surreal, really. It’s also your golden ticket to killer apps of your own. Like these.



Whether you’re hunting for elusive pokémon, looking for pokéstops to fill up your inventory or local gyms to conquer, relying on the limited in-game map alone leaves you fumbling in the dark. With the entire planet as your playground and an infinite number of locations to explore, you’ll need a helping hand finding those sweet spots.

That’s where the Pokémapp app comes in. Utilising our Locations module, the app pinpoints all the points-of-interest – including pokémon infested locations based on reports from other players – in your area. Essentially a TripAdvisor for pokémon hunters.

The great thing about this app concept is that you don’t have to worry about redundancy. Every area is unique and it’s obviously impossible for one app to map them all. Just make sure to claim your local area before anyone else does, and your neighbor players will turn to you for help on their quest.



Which pokémon is immune to wedgies? What is Mewtwo’s favorite romcom? How many Jigglypuff does Gyarados eat for breakfast? People love quizzes and Pokémon fans are no exception. The franchise has spawned countless games and movies throughout the years, so so you don’t have to worry about running out of trivia.

This is a real straightforward app idea, but sometimes the best ones are simple like that.



There are rare pokémon, like Mewtwo. Then there are really, really rare ones. So rare no one has ever found them. Your pokédex lists all of the ultra rare, yet-to-be-found but totally existing pokémon out there, including:

  • Trumpon – troll/steel type pokémon utilising racial slurs and giant walls to defeat his opponents.
  • Social Justice Warthog – poison/cwy type pokémon equipped with the powerful “victim card” that renders male pokémon unable to act.
  • Skydaddy – ghost type pokémon that wields infinite knowledge, power and love to rain war, sickness and Justin Bieber down on mankind.

Since these pokémon are not only extremely rare but also god tier in terms of power, people will be sure to stop highway traffic, break into prisons (and out of them, of course) and cross the Atlantic ocean to find them. That’s a good thing, right?



Pokémon Go is very light in the tutorial department. The mechanics for everything from egg hatching and damage types to gym battles aren’t really explained to you. You’re just thrown into the digitalized version of our world to discover – or not discover – these things on your own. This might be fine if you’re just strutting around casually, picking up pokémon as they come. But for players out there setting the bar higher, planning to fill out the entire pokédex or dominating every gym in the vicinity and beyond, knowledge is of the essence.

Luckily your app Pokéfaq exists. Your in-depth analysis of the pokéverse covers everything there is to know. With newfound knowledge on battle mechanics, pokémons and their stats, damage/defense types, egg hatching, stat growth and so on, your users will go from Magikarp to Gyarados.



Fed up with the lemming like behavior of your local trainers? Cool story, bro. Why not channel that pissedoffness into a sweet app that does something about it?

Presenting a wide variety of alternate outdoorsy activites, Pokémon No offers a way out of this global craze. Why not go swimming, visit a landmark (and actually look at it) or make some jaws drop by – wait for it – conversing with a friend? The user is served a new activity every day, each of them 100 percent guaranteed walk-off-cliffs free.


June’s App of the Month offers an abundance of alternative entertainment. Sparkk TV, is an on-demand streaming library for web-TV shows. Completely free and and with a huge list of unique indie series to choose from, this app is perfect for those of you who want to try something a bit more special-snowflaky than the usual Netflix or HBO. is a webseries network providing TV-shows from a bunch of indie filmmakers.

Sparkk TV started out in 2005 under the name VBCtv and has since then become one of the leading networks of its kind. The site reps a huge library of unique content that grows on a daily basis. And all of this is provided to you for free, with no annoying ads – you know, the jet-motor-volume-to-make-sure-you’re-paying-attention ones – interrupting the videos. Delicious.


Sparkk TV brought to your phone for some sweet indie entertainment.


The Sparkk TV app brings an upgraded user-experience to mobile devices. It has all of the features and content of the website. Spanning 70+ different shows across eight genres, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

Other than streaming full episodes, you can also watch previews and other short clips as well as keep yourself updated on their schedule of upcoming releases. If you log in to an account you also get access some additional features like commenting on episodes, adding videos to queue and so on.



Huge amount of content. The useful genre filtering makes it easier to spot the shows you’re more likely to appreciate.


As expected from low-budget productions the quality of the shows varies. Sometimes the shy resources will serve to make the production more genuine. Other times, you end up with something uh – okay, we’re not going to lie – completely ridiculous.

In this case, we honestly find the low-budget-kind of ridiculous – think Power Rangers, just swap the athletic teen superheroes for out-of-shape middle-aged ones strutting around in tight latex suits  – pretty damn entertaining. Unintended humor is the best, don’t you know?

But anyway, there’s lots of content here, and the part of it we’ve explored has been either good or so bad that it’s a special kind of good. Makes sense?


Film noir-esque Aidan 5, one of the 70+ shows available in the app.

Film noir-esque Aidan 5, one of the 70+ shows available for streaming.


Sparkk TV utilises the modules Web Page, List and Content to deliver a fantastic entertainment app for people out there in to indie culture. Great overall design, lots of content and variety sprinkled with some nice little features adding extra-value for logged on users. Functionality and design wise Sparkk TV is basically on par with Netflix and the other streaming giants, so this is a real testament to what is possible on our platform.

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