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Whoa, do we have a bomb to drop? DO WE?! Actually, no. We’ve got two. Before reading on, put on your safety goggles and ear muffs and find yourself some cover. How about that hippo over there?

Okay, brace yourself for bomb number one. AppSpotr has just managed to land a new issue. You know, that thing when people throw shitloads of cash at you because they’re sure you’re going to succeed. This means a couple of mills going straight into developing our platform, starting with a release of two new modules within short. And not just any modules. Two that will revolutionise our tool and unlock whole new possibilities. Long term, we’re opening up for you guys to build your own modules and templates and sell them on our Marketplace. This will spark a creative explosion on AppSpotr as well as give coders an opportunity to benefit from their skills. A complete game changer, in other words.

But guess what. It gets even boomier with bomb number two. Well, since we need to grow into our new role as a big bad corporation, we’re going to start wearing suits to work. Just kidding, that’s not it. We’re going on the stock market! Because nothing screams “respect our authoritah” more. Do you realize what this means? Before long, you* can own us. You can own one of the fastest growing tech startups in Scandinavia. Bits of it, anyway.

Unfortunately, our aspiration to become a respectable company also means we have to cut the edgy jargon. No more weird-ass references. Actually, no “ass” at all. No slang or cussing. No more leprechauns, definitely no leprechauns. From now on, expect nothing but lawyer-proofread corporate bullshit from us.

* Provided you’re a Swedish citizen. Just move here and become one, already. No biggie


They come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, perky, soft, natural, enhanced – we love them all equally! We’re talking apps of course. And to celebrate our warm and fuzzy feelings for them, we’re now releasing ten additional templates.

A while ago AppSpotr introduced one of the best things since primordial soup: the Templates feature! With Templates building apps got even easier. Just pick a template that fits your app’s niche, fill it with content, make the adjustments you want and boom – your app’s done!

This little gem became an instant favorite among you users, even with the limited number available from the get go. Now we’re rolling out the second batch of templates to complement the already existing ones.

Among our newcomers is event-based Festival. A vibrant template with lots of color and all of the functions to kick-start your music happening. Want to show off your creative achievements? Crisp Web Portfolio does the trick.



Get your users into the groove with a colorful Festival app.



Beef up your career with a Web Portfolio.


The are nine new templates in total (sorry, ten sounded better in the title), each covering a different niche. Here’s the entire bunch: Band, Festival, Hotel, Interior Design, Law Firm, Lotus Spa, Pastel Bakery, Photo Portfolio, Web Portfolio.




It seems you’ve all been slaying your hydra and making your offerings, because surely, this must be a gift straight from Applympus. Finally you can publish to your own App Store account! 

So, a while ago we opened up for publishing apps to your own account on Google Play. This unlocked the possibility to make money on your app, not to mention people would know who was behind it. No doubt a welcome change, but far from perfect with heavy-hitting App Store left out of the equation. Well, ladies and gents … say hello to perfection, ’cause that just changed. From now on your genius creations can be published to your own App Store account as well.

And speaking of publishing your app, ever heard of that dude in hell pushing a huge boulder up a hill only to have it come back down every time? That’s kind of what it normally feels like. Only worse. From providing screenshots to filling out forms, there’s a lot of boring stuff you’re forced to deal with. And no, not only when getting it out there for the first time. Every. Single. Update. That big-ass stone smacks you right in the face. Ouch!

To make sure publishing remains 100 percent torture free we give you: iOS Automatic – the iOS equivalent of Android Automatic. With this blessing the boulder turns into pebbles right before your very eyes. Updates to both content and meta data will happen at the click of a button, just the way we like it.

If you don’t have an iOS Developer account, check out our guide on how to get one here. And for those who don’t feel ready to take this step just yet, publishing on the AppSpotr account is still around as an option.

Well, what are you waiting for? You have an App Store top chart to conquer!



When you think of Scotland, what’s the first thing to cross your mind? Men in skirts? Good ol’ Nessie? Face-painted Mel Gibson? Wrong! The correct answer is Edinburgh based nightclub WhyNot. At least after you’ve downloaded September’s App of the Month with the same name.

What happens in Edinburgh stays in Edinburgh. Isn’t that how the saying goes? No? Well, maybe it should. At least if partying there is even half as hype as September’s app of the month would have you believe. WhyNot Nightclub prides itself on being the most famous and popular club in the capital of Scotland. And while we haven’t been there to find out if these superlatives are warranted (add to bucket list: “find out”), we do know for a fact that they’re at least getting the marketing right.


Where da hoes at? The menu screen.

Where da hoes at? WhyNot Nightclub’s menu screen, that’s where.


WhyNot Nightclub covers all of the things you’d want in a club app. We’ve got the News & Offers where you can read about upcoming events, claim special offers such as cheaper entry and mixes from the resident DJ and so on. There’s also The Club, where we’re introduced to the thematically different but equally spectacular dancefloors in both pictures and text. Our Nights lists all of the club nights throughout the week. And thanks to Guest List we can sign up to save some money better spent on the Drinks Menu.



Check out “The Grid” and the rest of the dancefloors. If the lasses are as spectacular as the interior, sign us up!


The WhyNot Nightclub app is professionally crafted through and through. Crisp icons, great content and a nice, consistent visual theme. But its real strength lies in the functionality that is intimately tied to the club. Especially the Guest List. This function alone is enough of an incentive for people to use the app, and ultimately up their clubbing at WhyNot.




Get on the guest list for cheaper entry! This is just one of many awesome ways to utilize our Forms module.


A great philosopher named Paula Abdul once said – while using a Mexican worker as a chair, but let’s not dive into that – something about giving love and getting it back in spades. We don’t remember the exact quote, but it’s a winged one. Anyway, the guys at WhyNot Nightclub have obviously taken that message to heart, as they focus on rewarding their app users, which is sure to win them more customers. Such infinite wisdom!

Okay, that settles it. **** Vegas! We’re going to Edinburgh for our next “conference”. Regardless of how that goes, a Vodka-on-the-rocks solid five out of five hangovers from hell to this splendid app.



With the possibility to put a price tag on AppSpotr apps, you can now cashcowify your creations. And guess what, making money on our platform just got even easier. Ladies, gentlemen, genderfluid and otherkin … we present: ads!

Starting today, the world’s number one echo system for in-app advertising is supported in your favorite app builder. And this means? Bingo – as many of you have requested, you can now show ads in your app! Google AdMob gives you full control of your advertising and makes it easy to maximise revenue. Customise your advertising by choosing your preferred ad format, filtering out ads you don’t want and lots of other stuff we won’t go into detail about here.

How to grace your creation with this splendid tool, you ask? It’s really simple. First off, get a Google AdMob account. Check. Submit your details to our system. Check. Lo and behold! For a mere two bucks a month, beautiful ads will now be displayed in your app. Paycheck!

Yep, that’s pretty much it. Now go make the world a better place by serving your users all those private-parts surgeries and Game of Thrones rip-off strategy games they never had a clue they needed.


August’s App of the Month brings some serious untz untz untz to the table with an app dedicated entirely to underground electronic music. Whether you want to discover new artists in the genre, listen to old-school classics or watch the DJs out there go at it, Beatzspire won’t leave you disappointed.

Electronic music has literally exploded in the last couple of years with artists such as Avicii and Swedish House Mafia dominating charts and clubs across the globe. But for those who are really into the genre, big names like these don’t define it. There’s a huge underground scene for electronic music across a wide spectrum of subgenres and artists waiting to be explored. And that’s where this app comes in.



Lots of content spread across five different categories: News, Discover, Classics, Mixed and Live


Beatzspire gives you everything from new releases and old-school classics to top-tier mixes and even recorded DJ performances to discover. Enjoy all of the sweetest tracks and live-performance videos in trip hop, dubstep and all the other subgenres we hardly knew existed. With new content added regularly, this is a great place to get your daily fix and keep yourself updated on the scene.



Beatzspire takes full advantage of AppSpotr’s convenient real-time updating system by adding fresh content every week.



Dig to some of the sharpest DJ performances out there with embedded YouTube videos, brought to you by our one-buck premium module Content+.


Beatzspire delivers a huge library of songs and videos wrapped in deep but logical structure and slick design. Whether you’re a casual fan of house music interested to see what the more obscure corners of the genre offers or a hardcore electronica elitist that knows the scene like Ben Affleck knows Matt Damon, this app is a must-download. Five out of five pills you have no idea what they’re doing (don’t take them!) from the AppSpotr team.

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