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Planning a trip to the mystical realm of Westeros? Let’s face it, with psychotic would-be kings, putrid ice zombies and “muh dwagons” lurking around every corner, the place doesn’t have the best reputation at the moment. Something November’s App of the Month hopes to change.

Westeros, Land of the Seven Kingdoms, known for its wondrous magic, political power struggles and character assassination (Stannis Baratheon, we’re looking at you). With the death of the rightful king and the impending threat of an ice-zombie army drawing closer, Westeros might not seem like the place to be at the moment. To make the land prosper once again and become more attractive to residents and visitors alike, its leaders put their faith in an app.



Awesome design and creative, useful functions. The app is in “Common Tongue”, the most widely spoken language in Westeros. What, you thought they spoke English because they do in the show? It’s dubbed, dummy.



Stamp cards are just annoying as **** to deal with. Unless you have them all in one place on your phone. Brilliant!


The Westeros City app is packed with sweet offers and content pertaining to the infamous realm. With the Shopping page, finding that shiny new chainmail or lovely whorehouse is a breeze. Then there’s Food & Drink to make sure you never have to explore the land on an empty stomach. The app is also full of exclusive offers and built-in stamp cards that truly make for bargain bonanza. The developers keep the content fresh with regular updates, and with winter coming there’s even a digital Advent calendar, where every box hides a new special offer. Let’s pray for some dragon glass or Valyrian steel for Christmas, right?



Advent calendar with unique offers inside every box. “Meet-and-greet with Night King 90% off”? Perfect, just what we wanted…


Westeros City is one of the most well designed apps we’ve seen so far. But what we really love about it is the creative functions that just fit perfectly with the app format’s accessible nature. No more clogging your man purse (or woman purse, or whatever purse) with stamp cards and coupons. No more losing them. They’re all on your phone. Plus a freakin’ Advent calendar. How cool? This elegant app is a must-have for anyone destined to set foot in the Land of the Seven. Five out of five Iron Thrones from the AppSpotr team.

Oh, by the way. To find this app in your app store, search for “Västerås City”. We took the liberty to translate the name.


In App Close and Personal we get to know people somehow related to AppSpotr through an arbitrary number of reasonable and less reasonable questions. With our upcoming stock listing just around the corner, this time we talk to one of our investors, stock-market analyst Per Bernhult.

What exactly is it you do for a living?

– If I only knew myself, huh? No, seriously. I come from a background as a Chief Financial Analyst and Fund Manager. After working in the business since the 90s, I left some years ago to be able to focus on my own investments. As an angel investor I always try to give the best of my knowledge, experience, ideas and feedback to the companies I’ve invested in. To make a safe living I also act as a consultant and offer analyses on demand for companies I haven’t invested in myself. I also have a long-term goal of finishing books that I’ve already started writing (books for children and youth, grown-up ficton, poetry and also some songs). Writing on multiple titles is very time consuming if you aim at something new and different, and doesn’t pay off until the titles have been published – if ever. More rarely, I write columns too.

So, are you like ridiculously rich?

– I wish, since it would make it possible to do more for good causes. But no. I made my first investments as a 9-year-old. 33 years later, I’ve accumulated a really good investment capital, enough to make big investments when extraordinary opportunities arise. I have to say, though, that my investment in AppSpotr is by far my biggest ever in a not yet publicly traded company. Monetary wealth really isn’t a specific goal for me, other than in the sense that it makes it possible to do more good things for others. To me, investing is more of a basal need. I can’t help it, but it’s crucial for me to always learn more about everything interesting and to use that newfound knowledge along with previous experience to realize things to come before the masses. I simply must stay ahead. It’s exciting and enriches my life tremendously to always have insight in what’s going on in the world and in all kinds of different areas.

What made you invest in AppSpotr?

– A number of crucial reasons. But there were a few that stood out. Frankly, to begin with I’ve been really impressed with what AppSpotr has accomplished in such a short time.  It amazes me how the company has been able to keep up the pace. Moreover, I think the strategy and business plan so far, not to mention going forward, is genius yet simple and achievable.To see AppSpotr grow extremely fast and leave competitor after competitor behind is just the icing on the cake. And of course, the scalability of the service in itself and its immense market potential. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of finding in combination with the other things I mentioned. With the position AppSpotr has accomplished this year, its growth rate and its business plan going forward, I have hopes that my investment will pay off well. I’m very well aware of and used to actively managing the high risks associated with investing in younger tech companies building a new business. Of course I´m looking for a return in accordance with this. Otherwise I wouldn’t have invested.

If we didn’t exist, what would you rather have invested in instead: toothpaste and caviar

flavored ice cream or a genetics programme aimed at breeding actual Pokémon?

– Ha, ha, ha… Well, I’m not too fond of messing with Mother Nature, or of artificial ingredients in food. Can I just say toothpaste? It might seem like a really, really boring business area, but I actually think it has room for new and revolutionizing inventions that could very well emerge from new and small companies. Oops, now I’ll drown in a not-so-thought-through business ideas on toothpaste glowing in the dark and smelling garlic.

What previous investment makes you the most proud in retrospect?

– Among others, I’d say my investments in Enator in the early 90s, when I got in just as they started a great turnaround. And G5 Entertainment a couple of years ago, when I acknowledged the emerging extreme growth of casual gaming and was quick to spot the transformation of G5’s business. In recent years I’m very happy with the return on, for example Insplorion and Raybased.

And what’s your worst one?

– Probably Fermenta back in the early 80s. But at the same time it was a great investment for me as a young boy. Back in those days adequate information was a hell lot harder to obtain, and stock prices had to be found in the newspapers. The rise and fall of Fermenta taught me many things. Firstly, to be humble about your investments. In school I proudly announced during a lesson that my stocks in Fermenta had risen from a value of around 1,000 SEK to more than 2,000 SEK in a short time. Only to shortly thereafter see the value vanish in thin air. Secondly, it sparked an insatiable lust to seek more and more information on every thinkable aspect and to analyze its impact.

Where do you hope to see AppSpotr in three years?

– Hopefully everywhere! That means, through apps built with AppSpotr in every other smart phone, tablet and so on. AppSpotr may not yet be so well known to the masses, but with the position it has built, its current growth rate and now with its business plan going forward, I have high hopes for the company.

What’s the biggest challenge we’ll have to face on our way there?

– To never stop developing, keeping your eyes and ears open, caring about even the smallest details and staying in close touch with your customers. And also, never to stop believing in new opportunities or slowing down in execution if you reach big financial success. In other words, it’s very important never to be satisfied, lean back and just manage earlier achievements. AppSpotr immediately struck me as a company that has these important insights in mind all the time.


Surely, you haven’t missed that we’re going public. And what better way to celebrate this than with a few words (brace yourself for a wall of text) from His Excellency himself? Well, except for the old run around in bunny suits and grope the most criminal looking guys you find, of course. Since our bunny suits are at the dry cleaner’s, give it up for our CEO, Patric Bottne!

What a journey. From exploding servers and instant noodles in air starved basements to fancy coffee and meetings with global heavy-hitters. From la vida locash to money rain from investors and our upcoming listing on the stock market. Yes, what a journey it’s been. From sleepless nights to even more sleepless nights. You would think I’m tired by now. But no, not at all. I’m just damn proud. So now I’m going to brag a bit, because I think we’re worth it.

When AppSpotr was founded we had a clear vision. We wanted to democratize the app market. Do for apps what WordPress has done for websites and Photoshop for image editing. Obviously we still have a long way to go before reaching that goal, but we’re moving forward at full throttle. Despite AppSpotr’s shy age we’ve already managed to innovate the app business a number of times. Like when we introduced our built-in graphics editor and real-time previewer. Now neither of these features is AppSpotr exclusive anymore. Go figure.

The road has been ridden with challenges and setbacks, but we never gave up. Determined to finish what we started, we kept our eyes set on the horizon. And really, in retrospect it feels like we would never have gotten to where we are today if it weren’t for all those hardships. What I’m trying to say is we didn’t succeed despite them, but because of them. The competence and belief in both our vision and each other that we’ve gained from this are absolutely priceless.

Today AppSpotr has over 200,000 users in more than 180 different countries. And we’re growing faster than any of our competitors. In short, we’re on a roll. But this journey is far from over. Really, it’s only just begun.

Along with our planned listing on the stock market, we’re getting another ten million from investors. This money will help us develop new premium features, recruit even more users and boost our sales. And even more importantly, pave the way for our biggest and most groundbreaking upgrade ever: a marketplace where coders and designers can sell their creations and help take our tool to the next level. The day noncoders, coders and designers all meet around AppSpotr, nothing is holding us back from becoming the world’s biggest platform for app building.

So join* us and tag along on the journey to a full-fledged “WordPress for apps”. I’m looking forward to serving you plenty of more bragathons on our way there.

Peace the **** out!
/ Patric Bottne


* Sorry, peeps and companies in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Japan and the United States. You may not be eligible to buy AppSpotr shares.


A Polish square, a euro bill, your mom and NASCAR driver Richard Petty. What do they have in common? Hopefully nothing. But take out the fair lady and replace her with AppSpotr and… Tadaa! The number 200. Our very favorite one at the moment.

200 is the smallest base 10 unprimeable number, meaning it can’t be turned into a prime number by changing just one of its digits to any other digit. The number appears in the Padovan sequence, preceded by 86, 114, 151 (it’s the sum of the first two of these).

Incredible as this may sound, it gets even better. Because 200 is also:

  • A common ISO-standard film speed for photographic films. However, 200 speed film is being phased out in consumer films in favor of faster films.
  • A denomination of the euro note. The 200 euro note was designed by Robert Kalina.
  • The size of one side of the main square in Kraków, Poland.
  • The temperature (in MeV) of quark-gluon plasma phase transition.
  • An HTTP status code indicating a successful connection.
  • The sum of pounds (or dollars) given in the classical Monopoly game to a player passing “Go”.
  • The highest cholesterol level considered “Desirable level corresponding to lower risk for heart disease”.
  • The number of NASCAR Cup Series races won by Richard Petty.
  • A year when some stuff happened.
  • The North West 200, a motorcycle race held in Northern Ireland.
  • The number of users reached by the world’s best app builder on November 20th of 2016, divided by a thousand.

Hooray! Thanks to all of you for supporting us and creating appic stuff on our platform. And thanks to Wikipedia for the immensely interesting copy/paste trivia. We’re already looking forward to 300.


In App Close and Personal we get to know people somehow related to AppSpotr through an arbitrary number of reasonable and less reasonable questions. First out is Swedish metal band Dead by April, whose worldwide musical success is almost as impressive as the app they’ve built with our tool.

Hey guys! So, how come you decided to get an app?

– Hey! Well, we noticed that every artist and band app out there was based on a game or similar. We saw great potential in the platform and thought there were much better ways to use it. What we wanted was an app more intimately tied to us and our music. Also, we get loads of questions about our lyrics, and we simply can’t respond to all of them. Some people ask because they want to get a tattoo with a line from one of our songs. Better get it right then, huh? We figured it would be great if we could just direct them to our app, where they’d find the lyrics along with a truckload of other content!

Being a metal band and all, what’s your favorite animal blood for use in sacrificial rites?

– Haha! Nah, that’s not for us…

How long did it take to build your app?

– You could say it took a couple of weeks to build the framework, so to speak. But we’re constantly updating with new content and functions, so it’s really an ongoing process.

How has your app been received?

– First of all, our fans have really appreciated reading about us band members. Who we are when we’re not on stage or touring. Also, the hype surrounding our app has helped us reach out to more people and get more fans. It’s awesome to see that the app has grown to be so popular!

Which section of your app do you think is the most popular among your fans?

– Based on the feedback we receive, we know that the “Lyrics” section is definitely number one. Runner up is probably the web shop, where fans can get their hands on our merchandise.

What’s your advice to other bands looking to build an app?

– Don’t hesitate, just do it! An app filled with exclusive content is a great gift to the fans!

What’s your greatest achievement as a band, apart from winning our App of the Month?

– So many, it’s hard to choose… But I would say that opening up for the biggest rock band on earth, Linking Park. It was insanely surreal!

If you could wish for a new module for Christmas, what would it do?

– It would be some sort of in-app purchase function. That would be a natural next step in developing our app.


October’s App of the Month is there to help your kids tap into the rhythm of their soul. Literally. And while looking pretty gangsta in the process. An impossible feat, skeptics might say, but The Pulse Collective disagrees. 

TPC Youth is a training program designed to give young dancers tap training in the spirit of UK’s number one tap team, The Pulse Collective. With a more experimental approach and a bigger focus on expression, they deliver moves with even more swag than conventional tap dancing. How is that even possible?



In case you’re wondering what happened to the 90s boy bands, they’re modelling for these guys now.


Now The Pulse Collective turns to the biggest platform for communication to promote their program. Their app is simple and to the point, with light content spread over few key functions. There’s the About TPC Youth section where you can read up on the program and sign up for tryouts. There’s directions guiding you to their place and there’s a page for getting in touch with them. No minds blown here, obviously.

While the design is really, really ridiculously good looking, the content is still very standard and strictly informative. Which means the reason for the prestigious title App of the Month is found elsewhere. And that elsewhere is their web shop, where TPC’s own clothing line of tank tops, T-shirts, sweatpants and so on is only a couple of clicks away.



Get your crew outfit straight from the app.


It’s just awesome to see someone taking advantage of our platform for e-commerce, and we hope to see it in more apps in the future. In TPC Youth, the module Web Page has been used to integrate an already existing shop into the app. But you don’t have to set up a web page to sell stuff in your AppSpotr app. The nifty PayPal button in Content+ provides you with a lighter alternative from scratch.



Sure, we’ll be there in a jiffy. Just let us go get the tandem bike.


Different solutions for different needs. Sometimes you want an app stacked with subpage upon subpage. Other times, keeping it simple will do the trick. TPC Youth delivers all the necessary components in a few easy-on-the-eye pages. Plus, come one, they teach kids that tap dancing is cool. That on its own deserves a prize.





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