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Yesterday was the first day the F8 Developer Conference. Sunshine and lapping waters met all arriving participants down at the old military installation Fort Mason, where the conference is held.

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The conference opening keynote was with Mark Zuckerberg. He greeted the approximately 4,000 participants invited to the conference. And thanked all the handpicked and invited developers on site in particular, that they are an important part of Facebook. And that this conference is for them. On site is also the absolute top leadership of Facebook’s business management from all companies in the Facebook family.

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The conference is extremely lavish. Service to the participants is high. There is food, drink and service everywhere.

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Inside the “Garage” you’ll find all the Facebook companies represented and with its own staff on site. Facebook has a very open approach to the participants. It offers information, tips and tricks for developers to become successful with their services. Most popular stand was Oculus where the booking schedule to get test new Oculus rig got overbooked right away.


The program of the conference is extensive. You can not go to all sessions.

One interesting session was “How Facebook grows”. Alex Schultz, VP of Growth Marketing Facebook, handed out great tips and strategies that Facebook has learned over the years on how to grow faster for you as a business. Actually, not really news but rendered with such simplicity and clarity that it was black magic for those who do not have built up an internet service in the past.

The big news was released directly by the keynote address by Mark, who you already read about in the news. One of the news was to launch the Messenger as a platform for developers. And more exciting is the Messenger for Business, still at a early stage, but hopefully with lots of possibilities for both developers and businesses.

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Another interesting session was “Building for the Next Billion” where Ime Archibong and Jackie Chang from on Facebook, talked about how Facebook is working with developers to bring their services to billions of new users in developing countries that are about to connect online for the first time. Facebook mission “Connecting the world” is purposefully followed step by step.


After the day’s sessions Facebook handed out cool free down jackets from Patagonia to all the participants and then got all the participants partying inside one of the great military hangars. Free food, liquor, beer and party to the music of Deadmau5 who played live on stage. ” – A company that brings free booze and Deadmau5 to the party is a company you want to work with” as someone said. Enjoy our on site video:

A great day for us at AppSpotr. We got talking to our friends on Facebook who are all hugely impressed with our service and today we look forward to more discussions on the conference’s final day.


Patric & Fredrik @appspotr


Over the next week AppSpotr is on location in San Francisco, specially invited to the Facebook F8 developer conference. For two days we will keep up with product experts from Facebook, Instagram, Parse, Oculus, Live Rail and also meet other developers from around the world.

“Let’s get together. Join us at the intersection of creativity and technology. Product experts from Facebook, Instagram, Parse, Oculus, LiveRail and other apps will share what we’ve learned and built for developers. You’ll get access to our latest tools, new product demos and thought-provoking discussions to help you plan for your next build and beyond.”


On site from AppSpotr are the founders of the company, Patric Bottne and Fredrik Bewick as you can see in the picture above, and we shall be particularly joining our friends at Parse and discuss app development and cooperation.

It is the first time we are participating F8. The conference will be held at Fort Mason on the waterfront near the Golden Gate Bridge and overlooking Alcatraz. In this historian surroundings, we look forward to talk about the future opportunities in technology for communication in apps. For two days we will enjoy sessions with several well-known speakers from the world’s most successful apps and SaaS. We assume Mark Zuckerberg will have the opening keynote. Maybe we can have a chat with him over a cup of good american coffee. We swedes just love coffee. And technology. And apps.

It will be great to meet the people behind some of the world’s most successful apps. It will also be interesting to talk to them about AppSpotr and the opportunities we have together. Everything to strengthen our ongoing business in the United States and around the globe.

And of course we will enjoy the startup vibes in San Francisco and also take the opportunity to meet our friends at Google.

Today it is +6 degrees celcius in Gothenburg, Sweden. It should be +20 degrees celcius in San Francisco next week so we will take our short pants with us!

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And please don´t miss to watch our wonderful, amazing movie! It´s not allways cats that gets attention on the internet, sometimes it´s dogs to.

/Patric & Fredrik @AppSpotr


appspotrteamCome and hang out with us!

This weekend it’s time for WebCoast in Gothenburg. AppSpotr is gold sponsor and we want to meet you there!

“WebCoast, a physical venue for us that work, play and hang out on the web. A marketplace for ideas, opinions, knowledge and inspiration. A weekend where you’ll broaden your knowledge and your circle of contacts. Experience, influence and be inspired with us on WebCoast” 

WebCoast is one of the few conferences in Gothenburg that gathers creative people that work or exist on the web. This year we are gold sponsors and have several workshops and sessions to inspire participants and visitors to build apps and spread the knowledge regarding AppSpotr as a tool to evolve your communication! And we’ll have whole room full of balloons! Well…almost.

Here’s a description of what we’ll do on our workshop:
“During two hours we’ll go though how you can build apps for iOS and Android with AppSpotr. No developer skills needed! We’ll present our vision of how developers and designers will be able to use AppSpotr to deliver apps with the help of AppSpotrs API, SDK and Market Place”

We’ve been involved in WebCoast before with a session called “Build an app in 15 minutes” and we’ve also built their app in 2013 so it feels great to be back and sponsor this kind of event!

We’ll also stream our workshop directly to our Bambuser channel so if you unfortunately can’t attend, you can be a part of the magic. And of cause you can watch the stream for as many times as you want afterwards. We’ll post the link here on our blog and on Facebook and Twitter. So like/follow us so that you don’t miss a thing!

We will be attending the whole weekend and you’re welcome to hang out with us. Talk apps, build apps, take a cup of coffee or just be inspired by other creative and aspiring app builders.

There are still tickets available so go get your ticket here! 

See you there!

/The AppSpotr team


Podcast guest, social media and the cooperation of different media.

My visit to MEG (former Mediadagarna) at Svenska Mässan was brief but still so awarding! Their estimated number of participants was 4700 people in just two days. That’s amazing!

This was my first visit so my expectations was high! I got the opportunity to be a guest on my coworker Maria Gustafssons (@mikumaria on Twitter) podcast about social media and its practicalities. How do we use it today? What’s different from a few years ago and do we lose the physical presence with todays increasing use of social media?
You can listen to the podcast via Soundcloud as you see above. The podcast is in Swedish.

Media in general and its use is in a constant change and at MEG they were all represented. From public service, printed media to the Swedish Pirate Party. A great place to mix, meet and share experience and knowledge between occupational groups and media categories. In all of this I got to meet people in various types of professions and talk about apps and the way we can communicate in new ways.

Digital media is advancing. That’s not a surprise. The world we live in today changes and we change with it. Especially the way we communicate. Social medias as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has maybe reached its peak. That’s where apps come in! And the fact that people today can create more ways to communicate digitally than just via the traditional social medias is for some a new thought. And I was happy to implement that thought in some people, regardless of their profession.

In other words; Thank you MEG and I’ll be back next year!

To read more about MEG go to

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Yours truly!
/Cissi at AppSpotr



Authority, drive and standard breaking.

Over 700 fantastic women attended the 2015 Women In Tech at Musikaliska i Stockholm. But with over a thousand requests for a ticket I believe there’s more to see next year. With great sponsors and collaboration partners such as Spotify, Tele2, Telia Sonera, Google and more this event is something to keep an eye on.

Speakers and panel discussions with all one thing in common; female innovation/innovators and entrepreneurs with the drive and authority to move mountains.

I’ve listened to people such as Mia Brunell Livfors (Board genius and one of Swedens most powerful women), Anna Lithagen (CEO Talent Tribe), Rosie Linder (founder and CEO of Peppy Pals), Ingrid Bonde (CEO Vattenfall), Alexandra Drevenlid (Technical supervisor for Tele2), Ulrika Saxon (CEO Bonnier Growth) to mention just a few. They all spoke about the meaning and importance of good leadership, how to reach the top and how we can not only break the standard but also SET the standard and be a benchmark for innovative ideas and creative women.

There are a lot of great app developers to date that are women, but still they’re still in the shade of the fact that the industry is pretty homogenous. In fact, it’s estimated that only 4% of all mobile developers are women. We want to change that. 
My participation at WIT 2015 gave me some sort of epiphany. Where are all the talented tech women? Well, at WIT I met 700 of them. And I would like to invite all of them to try our platform and become aspiring app builders cause all of them are creative, full of ideas and awesome.

To sum up; Great event. Great initiative. And most of all; a standing ovation to the organizers MTGx. Even though there was no coffee ;)

And I would like to end this post with a great quote from Lisa Parfelt (Difference maker on Spotify):

“Get shit done and have fun!”

Which is exactly what we do on AppSpotr. We create, strive and have fun along the way. How many great apps could be created by these 700 awesome women?


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And also read this previous blog post about why AppSpotr is the best choice for making apps.

/Cissi at AppSpotr


Pictures taken by Cissi Ramsby and Karin Eriksson @karinkomet

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