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Soon the world’s best app builder will also be the world’s most convenient merch solution. Starting with our ancestral home of polar bears and horned helmets, we hope to unleash this functionality globally in the near future.

Apparently we’ve been aching to make new friends lately. Following Horsie last month comes Swedish company Unistore. They deal in the merch business, and are the go-to guys if you want to give your company some extra bling bling. Thanks to our new partnership you’ll be able to do just that – straight through the AppSpotr tool. You’ll get the entire package, from a finished app to unique products, storing, distribution and payment management. Whether you’re selling soccer tees, indecent coffee cups or haute-couture mankinis, you can just lean back while we deal with the order and make sure it reaches your customer.

After we’ve sorted out the finer details, this functionality will be taken for a test run in Sweden – just in time for the swimsuit season. If everything goes well the rest of the world will follow.



We have a new BFF, straight out of the story books. Together we’ll ride into the sunrise and make everything east of it ours. Watch out, Asia – we’re coming for you!

What’s the most Asian thing you can think of? People in straw hats? Mantis, crane and monkey style kung-fu? Speedrunning the hell out of Super Mario Bros 3 – blindfolded? Or maybe a certain man-made structure that is supposedly one of the few things on Earth to be seen from the moon?

Fair enough, all integral parts of Asian culture. And before long there’ll be plenty of apps dedicated to them all popping up in various app stores around. Because we’re going neon-sign big over there.

We know what you’re thinking – you’d find a unicorn before that happens. Well, we did! In our new business partner, investment company Novel Unicorn. Together we’re starting up AppSpotr Asia. This is a match made in heaven. Horsie has the experience, the business network and the stardust sprinkled horn in its face – we have the product.

Asia is home to the biggest telecoms and payment-solution providers on the planet, and these huge-ass companies are aching to build volume businesses alongside their traditional stuff. If we can manage to get things going with pimps of this dignity, world domination is ours. MOAHHHAAAAHAAA!

Perv for corporate stuff? Eeew! Here’s a press release that’ll get you in the mood.


AppSpotr and PayPal have teamed up in an effort to market AppSpotr’s e-commerce solution. PayPal payments will be available in all new AppSpotr e-commerce apps.

PayPal approving AppSpotr as a Solution Partner means that AppSpotr’s app-based e-commerce solution will be marketed to B2B clients in various PayPal channels during 2017 and that Braintree and PayPal will be added to all Appspotr e-commerce apps. The initial launch will be aimed towards Western Europe.

Braintree is a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments in an app or website. That allows clients to accept cards such as Visa or MasterCard and PayPal through a single integration.

AppSpotr is currently the only app-based e-commerce solution supplier to have been approved as a PayPal Solution Partner.


In App Close and Personal we get to know people somehow related to AppSpotr through an arbitrary number of reasonable and less reasonable questions. This episode we’re having a chat with Andreas Wickberg, CEO at web developing company and our partner-in-crime, Wiccon.

So, tell us a bit about yourself! Favorite color, zodiac sign … and just maybe even more importantly, your business?

Wiccon uses a yellowish/orange color combined with a 90 K grey. Uh, I like those two… Anyway, we are a development company. We do stuff related to stuff. Like, stuff. Awesome stuff. Our company is pretty straight forward, we help people with their digital presence. And with people I mean companies, and with presence I mean world domination. We build web and system solutions for start-ups and companies that want to go big. We are one of the very few companies in the world to work with outsourcing of fintech solutions, which means that start-ups and big companies put financial technology in our hands and trust us to do stuff like behind-the-scenes bank integrations. That’s a really big deal.


And then AppSpotr came into the picture. How did that happen?

In the worst of ways, you could say. Our relationship started with the abuse from a third-party company using our good names in an attempt to “sell without delivering” a few years ago. Without ever having met each other, we decided to join forces in dealing with it. We managed to sort it out, but at the cost of lots of money and even more time. But it was during this time that we found each other. AppSpotr is a bunch of really nice guys with big goals, not unlike ourselves. We met up and started a partnership in helping companies out with their already built apps. This later grew into the deeper partnership of today where we contribute to AppSpotr’s customer stock and source code.


What has the AppSpotr tool meant to your business?

In short, you know all those companies in the world that want an “easy to manage, nothing super advanced but still branded” kind of app and don’t have a 400,000-dollar budget? Well, we use AppSpotr for them. To make sure that the little guy – the small band, local coffee shop, hairdresser, restaurant and so on – can be a part of the app-world and reap the benefits that come with it.


What do you feel are the pros and cons of working with an app builder?

One of the good things is that we can give the customer super easy access to a CMS. You have probably used MailChimp for WordPress right? This is simpler and fewer things can go wrong. It pushes the updates automatically for you once you have set up your accounts correctly with Apple and Google.

On the flipside, Apple and Google are still the hurdle here. Once you get your own accounts it’s easy. The main drawback in regards to the app builder, however, is mostly limitations set by the big ones. Plus, of course it has some limitations where we can’t do all the advanced stuff. But frankly, the high-end stuff is reserved for the 400,000-dollar budget companies I mentioned earlier anyway.


Do you have any highly requested features among your clients that you think we should add to our platform?

Yes, that is why we are building it. We work close with the end customers, so we know what they’re looking for. And as a matter of fact, one such highly requested feature is currently being integrated into the AppSpotr platform.  AppSpotr uses the slogan “Game Changers”,  and that fits hand-in-glove here. A game changer, straight from the customer’s wishlist.


What’s the most fun or absurd request you’ve gotten from a customer? Any Skynets, maybe?

We get a lot of absurd request, mostly in the sense that they want to build their own Facebook application with a 5-dollar budget. As for fun, one of our recent app requests involved a Christmas calendar, and we really nailed that one. We simply used the free web module in AppSpotr and made some modifications. And we’ve also taken on a few crazy huge jobs throughout the years. Like when we ran a whole Festival with 400 bands playing, including live streaming of music, venues and calendar options. Aced it big time, again! There are some limitations when connecting this craziness with the native functions of the phone through the web module. Again, a big lock down on both Apple’s and Google’s side.


Where do you think the app market will be in ten years?

Still around, that’s for sure!


What would you rather build, a tourist app for North Korea or an app helping you perfect the art of cyber bullying?

Gee, they both sound very tempting… But I’d rather build a Skynet-esque dating app that scans the entire world to tell you who you should marry. No more swiping right that ends in utter disappointment – Skynet has a 100% success rate, so you’re guaranteed to get your perfect partner-for-life.


Tremble in fear as January’s App of the Month promotes dark sided music to an ungodly audience. This wicked abomination is a threat to all that is good and just. But more importantly, it’s damn well executed.

Once a year the modest Swedish city of Falun goes fullblown metal Mecka when the Sabaton Open Air festival kicks off. Uniting over 50,000 fans from all across the world in perfect disharmony, the festival is one of the biggest metal happenings in all of Scandinavia. Sabaton Open Air lasts for three days and boasts big international names as its main attractions, with namesake Sabaton serving as the recurring one.



Festival menu done right. Take note, maggots.

2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of the festival. This calls for even more hype, something the host will achieve with an app. A festival is really the perfect candidate for this platform, and Sabaton Open Air has it down to a t in terms of both design, content and functionality.

The app’s nine main pages do a good job covering all the information the user could possibly want. Obviously, we have Bands and Schedule. And FAQ, which deals with stuff you might be wondering that’s not covered in the other pages, like food & drinks, what to bring and age limits on the festival. Then there’s Tickets, where you can secure your own spot in the upcoming metalfest. Sabaton Open Air uses the Website module to integrate the tickets part of their website into the app, but with our recent game changer E-Commerce, this is no longer necessary. You can utilize integrated app-shop functionality instead, obviously for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build your own website.



Initiators of the festival, Sabaton. Fashion gurus first, melodic power metal band second.



Tickets sold through the Web Page module, our older solution for app-shop functionality.

The content is complemented by a very nifty function. Something very light and simple but oh so useful: push notifications. Essentially, this function on its own warrants a download from each and every person on the upcoming festival. Right now, push notifications update users on band lineup and other stuff. Once the festival kicks off in a few months, it can be used to alert them when the next band is about to hit the stage. This function alone makes the app platform superior for promoting events such as festivals, and we’re sure it’s going to be the standard in the near future.



A staple festival function keeping the user updated and engaged: push notifications.

If you’re one of the many thousands en route to the land of grown-ass men singing songs about decomposing religious figures, you’re obviously going to download this app. All the information you could ask for readily available in your pocket, with push notifications making sure you’re not missing out on the best bands – what’s not to love?

The app platform fits hand-in-glove with this kind of event, and as it’s becoming more and more accessible, we’re sure most festivals out there will have their own app in the near future. Hopefully most of them will be as good as this one. Five out of five hell-sprung growls from the AppSpotr team!



Unleashing the ideas, feelings and far too generous use of exclamation marks of your users, the new Social Feed module lets you tap even deeper into the power of communication.

Crash! Boom! Bang! Did you hear that? It was the sound of our current hype streak bringing you yet another game changer.

The brand new Social Feed module is our first steady step into social functionality for your app. Boasting a long-requested login function and a feed where users can interact with your posts through likes and comments, this addition will take user engagement in your app to a whole new level.

Social Feed is available for $10 a month on the AppSpotr Marketplace.

Appy building!



  • Integrated login functionality allowing your users to like and comment on your posts
  • Go troll hunting in your feed with built-in comment moderation
  • Report button letting users mark inappropriate comments
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